H.E.A.L. referral system

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Charron Services is committed to not having a waiting list for accessing any programs.

HEAL can accept referrals two ways.

  1. Court ordered clients can utilize the step forward referral process. Any offender charged or convicted of a misdemeanor or non-violent felony charge may be referred for an intake and assessment through Step Forward if they live in Oakland County or were charged in Oakland County. This allows participants to access groups in both Pontiac and Troy. Probation officers refer directly to step forward who will schedule an intake and then place the participant directly into the group of choice. Find out more about the Step Forward Intake process here.
  2. Southfield can accept both voluntary and court ordered referrals. There are no limitations on who is eligible to attend HEAL in this location. District, Circuit and family court referrals are accepted, as well as self or therapist referred participants. Out of state referrals are also accepted. Southfield offers intake orientation every other Wednesday (see orientation schedule for current dates) from 9-11am. It is preferred that participants call ahead but are able to show up on the orientation date.

Occasionally an individual may have a need for an accommodation on orientation. This must be arranged by calling 248 730-0690. Special accommodations may require an additional charge.